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Alarm systems are designed to give protection, early warning of unwanted entry and other potentially dangerous events. Detection devices are connected to a control panel to identify situations involving forced access through doors or windows, movement in restricted areas, breaking glass, smoke, fire, moisture level, temperature variation and more. When the system identifies an alarm event, the control panel triggers a local siren and sends a signal to the Local Monitoring Centre to initiate an appropriate response.

Our clients include: homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, government buildings, small businesses, and more.

We provide:

  • Lifetime warranty of all equipment and labour while monitored by our company
  • Safety and security of people and assets within a specified perimeter.
  • Theft reduction and property security for unoccupied premises.
  • Crime and vandalism deterrence.
  • Monitoring of: doors and windows, glass break detectors, driveways, pools, smoke alarm, fire alarms, gas detectors, flood sensors, sump pump failures, home invasions, and pet-friendly motion detectors.
  • We use a local company to monitor our systems, Canada’s leader in alarm monitoring.

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