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Today, the most common type of Access Control system uses access control cards and card readers. These systems use readable cards that allow cardholders to unlock doors by presenting their card to a reading device, offering many more advantages than simple mechanical push button keyless locks.

Controllers come in single door or multi-door versions, depending on the manufacturer. Many single and two door controllers can be connected together in a network, so that all can be configured and updated at the same time from a connected PC. Using controllers that are networkable, such a system can be easily expanded to accommodate more doors.

You can increase the level of protection by merging alarm security and access control. Your alarm system user database can be used to manage the access to up to 32 doors, and the monitoring of these doors can be included in any partitions. You can also use your computer to manage users and access permissions.


  • Secure your employees,premises and assets
  • Control access points e.g. doors remotely at the touch of a button - no need to open and close manually
  • Cut the cost of crime against your business
  • Monitor and manage the movement of contractors,visitors and employees through your premises in real time from your PC
  • Allows restrictions to be placed on any control point, prohibiting or allowing selected staff access during various hours.
  • Monitor individual employees, groups or departments separately.
  • Provides an audit log and archive of transactions on the movements of staff in your building, showing where and when access has been granted/denied.
  • Graphical mapping and access monitoring.
  • Send email alerts when alarms are triggered.
  • Real-time operation.

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